Our Story

Similar to the old-world romanticism of pre-partition sub-continent, our story too, is one of love. Aafrinish by Niazi traces its roots to 1992, when a young woman from Karachi met with a Punjabi in the courtyards of Huzoor Nizamuddin Auliyas Mazhar. The two soon fell in love, moved to Karachi the same year and wove the threads of Aafrinish by Niazi 
It is this love which guides our culture, sparks our creativity and encompasses our creations. 
It is this love which makes us unique! 
Our Philosophy: 
Aafrinish by Niazi strongly believes that every woman is uniquely beautiful and our creations aim to enhance and compliment their beauty through the traditional karigari of the subcontinent.  
Our Brand: 
Aafrinish; the Persian word for Creation. Aafrinish is our household brand name chosen by us since 1992. We focus on providing our clients with exquisite hand embroidery on the finest of fabrics
The near touching hands of Aafrinish depict our ideology of creation; seeking inspiration from Michaelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” which forms part of the Sistine Chapels ceiling.